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Boots on the Ground Mentoring 

Learn Wholesale Real Estate Investing from the Experts!

Fly Jason Hartman and Todd Dotson to the city of your choice for an exclusive one-on-one wholesaling mentorship.

Your guided journey thru the real estate market of your choice includes property tours and deal analysis so you can take control and power-up your income property portfolio's profits today! 

Do You Need One-on-One Real Estate Mentoring?

Set up a direct action wholesale real estate operation in pre-selected geographic area. Additionally, a secondary funnel will be established to target those wholesale properties that are suitable for fix & flip and fix & rent. The primary “Operators” will be qualified wholesale investors who have expressed a strong desire and commitment to achieve real estate success.

The emphasis on direct action tactics coupled with target specific “off market” deal getting positions investors for immediate success. Sourcing deals in the “market” is key which necessitates targeting the right geographic areas through a market grid, managing deal flow, and systematizing the selling process to include investors, sweat equity buyers, and cash flow landlords.

Set up a direct action wholesale operation that provides consistent deal flow and predictable income for investors that’s not solely dependent on the “advertise and wait” strategies like direct mail, online marketing and other shotgun methods. Scale the business through attacking the market and moving to the Top of the Food Chain!

Day 1:
Establishing the Market Grid and Hot Zones for setting up Operations – Area Assessment - Neighborhood Selection – Price Point/Inventory/Buyer Matrix – Hit the Streets to start building the model – Recap at end of the day, brainstorm days activities and game plan day 2 action plan. Note – everything stops when deal getting opportunities present themselves and we will pursue deals and then return to curriculum and battle plan.
Day 2:
Direct market tactics for sourcing deals and supplying buyers – Evaluation and recon of other players in the market to establish competitive advantages – Field Work and Deal opportunities and follow up – Recap of day and planning of day 3 – Group dinner to brainstorm.
Day 3:
Critical relationships for operations – Building a Sweep Team of Property Scouts to Scale Business - Sweat Equity Buyer Secrets – Direct action marketing for sellers and buyers – Online Presence for Deal Flow – Field Work and Deal Follow up - 7 Day/14 Day/30 Day Action Plan – Phase 1 Roll Out – Market recap and ongoing Plan!

Jason Hartman

Todd Dotson

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